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Hi! I'm Elizabeth

I'm a woman...a single mom. I work a full-time job; I'm a wanna be entrepreneur and I'm just trying to figure it all out while it unfolds into this crazy, messed up, nothing figured out, beautiful life.  I love to laugh and I laugh at myself a lot. I'm a bit klutzy. I love music and I love to dance, although my kids will tell you I'm not that good, but it doesn't stop me usually. I love the truth...hearing it and telling it.  I'm trying to love myself just as I am right now, in this moment, but that is a real work in progress.  I have two great kids, a pug, I own my own home, I love crafts and home improvement projects, I love anything outdoors, mainly the beach and the mountains. I strive diligently to be organized and like everyone... some days are better than others. 


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