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Meet my Kids

Meet Delaney my first born - smart, really smart, funny, indoor and beach volleyball player, freshman in high school and 15 years old (next month).

Brayden my little dude - smart, funny, super athletic, plays lacrosse, a junior black belt in karate, a 6th grade middle schooler and 11 years old.

Roscoe my black pug - not so smart, doesn't smell good all the time but omg so sweet.

I am that mom.

The mom that thinks her kids are aaaamazing.

The mom that will fight fiercely to protect them. I will fight bus drivers and take on the Palm Beach County Transportation Department for them. I will question teachers and coaches for them. I am that mama bear that you shouldn't poke.

But I also yell at them.

A lot.

I hold them accountable. I make them take responsibility, say they are sorry and ask for what they want.

I am working hard and hoping I'm not raising little turds.

I want them to be happy, well rounded, respectful, a contributing member of society, but also to figure out and not be afraid to speak up for what they want.

But that comes at a price.

See what I really wanted was for them to speak up.... just not to me.

But I can't have it both ways so we are working on boundaries, the right ways to ask for what you want, making sure it is done with respect, ask for help or advice when you really need it, don't be afraid to question something that doesn't seem right, how far to push and when to accept the final answer. (side note: usually it's best for them to stop pushing me prior to me dropping the f-bomb...and yes, that has happened...not my finest moment.)

We are all "works in progress" and I love them madly.


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