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It's been a minute

Wow, it certainly has been a minute or year and half - yikes. I started the blog with the high hopes and expectations that I would update it every week, chronicle my life and see where this took me. Ha! That lasted all of a couple of weeks.

Ironically not much has changed...and everything has changed. Kids got older, my daughter, heading into her high school senior year decided no more volleyball (way more of an adjustment for me than her), my son is heading into high school and still plays lacrosse and on track for adult black belt in karate. Our school is starting back virtually for the first month then we shall see what happens after that.

We added a new addition of a kitten (Cactus Jack or CJ for short) that my son found in a box on the side of the road (Roscoe our pug is less than thrilled but adjusting - you follow Roscoe and CJ on instagram @roscoepcthepug)

I'm still working full-time but seem to have a lot more time on my hands since the kids are older; they need me and want to be around me much less *sigh.

Needless to say this has been a really big adjustment for me and one that caught me off guard. I've always been so focused on kids and their needs that I lost a bit of myself. So now I'm in the rediscovery phase and I'm all over the place. I've been studying the enneagram (way more than a personality test and I don't even know how to explain succinctly in a sentence or two) and WOW so interesting I'm 1 wing 9... so if you know you know.

With the coronavirus in full swing and the temp in the high 90's (100% humidity) here in Florida I've been staying inside a lot more. I've been reading all sorts of books (if you want some recommendations you can always follow me on I have to warn you I'm all over the place in the books I like and may have one or more going at a time - ha.

I've taken up some DIY projects some of which includes the Cricut machine (oooo so fun - also, if you know you know). I may post a project or two here if I feel so inclined but you could follow some of the projects on a new Instagram @elizabethhopediy

I'd like to say I'm going to post every week but you know, I'll probably just do whatever I feel like doing, whenever I feel like doing it...This seems to be my mantra these days.

Drop me a note or DM me on social media and tell me what is new with you!


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